The main tool to fight dust in the apartment, too, needs proper care. Do you know how to vacuum a vacuum cleaner and how often do you do it? After all, there will necessarily come a time when your faithful assistant himself needs to clean up the dust. Most often clogged in a vacuum cleaner brush, filter and hose, not to mention the dust collector itself. Sometimes pollution can penetrate even into internal compartments.

When you suddenly notice that the suction force has sharply decreased, the engine started to work with an anguish or the unit is very dusty inside, take immediate action!

Be sure to disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the mains and completely disassemble it. If you do the dismantling for the first time, find the instruction.

Remove all filters: one protects the motor from dust (you will find it in front of the engine compartment), the other performs the final cleaning (look for the vacuum cleaner outlet). Look at the instructions, if there is any filter from your eye in the depths of the device. Clean each part neatly. This can be done in a dry and damp way (to wipe or wash the filter). In the second case, mandatory drying is provided. If the HEPA filter is installed on the vacuum cleaner, only shake it out, but do not wash it. If necessary, replace with a new one.

It’s time to clean the nozzles. The problem of cleaning any turbobrushka – the release of the roller from various debris. First, with scissors, cut the wound hair, thread, wool, pull it all with tweezers or a hard brush, dental for example. The surface of the nozzle is also wiped off with a cloth and a dry rag. Open the cover near the blades to remove all garbage from there.

Do this after every 5 cleaning.

In the washing vacuum cleaner, lower the hose with the nozzle, turn on the unit and press the water supply button for 5-10 minutes. In a conventional appliance, wash these parts under the faucet. Be sure to dry the hose and nozzles.

Cleaning the vacuum cleaner inside

How to clean the vacuum cleaner inside? Thoroughly wipe with a damp rag dust collection chamber, try to remove all garbage from there. Do not forget to wash the inside of the lid, clean the fins, niches, cracks and other surfaces that dust likes to accumulate. Pay attention to the holder – the part where the bag is fastened. It must be perfectly clean, so that no debris can prevent the clean dust container from being firmly installed. In the opposite case, the hose will enter the opening of the bag with a displacement, at this point a gap is formed through which the dust will penetrate inside the vacuum cleaner, and not into the dust collector.

Take the appliance to a balcony or a corridor to purge the engine compartment. All parts – filter, hose, bag – must be removed! Start the engine. To remove all garbage from the engine compartment, tilt the body of the unit several times in different directions, while changing the power regulator. Or close the hole for a few seconds with the hands where the hose is attached. With a damp cloth, wipe the outside of the cabinet.

Install each filter in its place. When you install the bag in place, make sure that the hole in the bag fastening coincides with the hole where the hose is put on. And only after checking the alignment, you can attach the hose to the body. Check several times if all items have been returned to their original location.

How often to clean

Clean the usual unit as it gets dirty. Vacuum cleaner without a bag will have to be washed after each use.

It is desirable to empty the dustbag immediately after each cleaning. If the area of ​​the apartment is not too large, shake out the bag after the third cleaning. The dust collector on the average should be changed up to 5 times, the filter – 1 time per year.

You can use a normal soap solution to clean the parts. Before installation in place, carefully dry everything!

Causes of severe fouling

Most often, we are to blame, when the vacuum cleaner does not justify our hopes during harvesting. What can dislodge from the usual rut a loyal assistant during work?

Cleaning of a large amount of garbage during the repair of the apartment.
Use of poor-quality dust bag bags, which often bribes the economical housewives with their small cost.

Serious damage to the dust bag with stabbing and cutting objects.

Bag or protective motor filter is missing at all (forgot to insert after another cleaning).

The hose is not loosely attached to the dust collector mount, so some dust gets to the internal parts of the device.

Properly take care of the vacuum cleaner, clean your assistant in a timely manner!