In Search of the Best Sofas for Sleep

If you’ve just moved somewhere new, or you’re thinking about sprucing up your surroundings, it’s important to really make the most out of the space you’re working with, especially if you’re limited in terms of room size. A sofa bed is a great, multifunctional piece of furniture that looks elegant and should serve your needs perfectly.

Whether you’re considering a sofa bed for your living room or a guest bedroom, there are some really stylish designs on the market right now that will add a touch of class to any situation.

And they don’t have to cost the earth! You can purchase single, roll-out futons from many supermarkets for as little as $75, which is fantastic as a quick solution if you have guests coming to stay.

Fizz Foam Foldout

For anyone looking for something a little more permanent though, the Fizz Foam Foldout is a fantastic option for under $200. Covered in a slick, jet black fabric this sofa bed takes up very little space and is super easy to fold out into a comfortable occasional bed.

Orlando Foldout

Alternatively, the Orlando fold out bed has a classic, slatted wooden base design with a foldable mattress that comes in a number of different colours to suit your needs. This is a very relaxed design and perfect for a smaller guest bedroom thanks to its unobtrusive style.

Sidney Chaise Lounge

If you have a little more money to splash out, the Sidney Chaise Lounge is an absolute design delight. This luxurious sofa bed is made with gorgeous Italian fabric and folds out into a very generous double bed, perfect if you’re having a few friends over to stay. This piece would be a real feature of any room, so if you’re considering it, you may want to decorate your room around it and make it into the focal point.

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