Review: Dyson V7 vs V8

Dyson has been known for great quality and service throughout the years. Cordless vacuums have been one of Dyson’s greatest products, sliding their way smoothly onto the top of the industry.

In this article, two of the best Dyson products will be compared: the Dyson V7 vs V8. In this fast-pacing world of modern technology, Absolute vs Motorhead is one choice many of us would think about.

Both offer great performance, but really, which one is better? We are going to look for the one in terms of the best: price, function, usability, and many more.

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cord-Free Vacuum Review


The Dyson V7 Motorhead Cord-Free Vacuum features a hassle-free suction without the traditional cord. Inside the brush, bar is a powerful motor that drives nylon bristles to remove ground-in dirt on all floor types: vinyl, laminate or carpeted.

It consists of 15 cyclones arranged radially in a two-tier system to increase airflow and to capture finer particles. It offers up to 30 minutes of powerful suction.

The Motorhead can be converted to a handheld for quick clean up and spot cleaning. Included is the docking station that holds and charges the cordless vacuum and other accessories such as the combination tool and the crevice tool.

It also allows the collected dirt to be driven out in a single action, providing a hygienic bin emptying. Its low-profile head allows for easy cleaning under furniture. It measures 8.2 x 9.8 x 49 inches and weighs 5.3 pounds.

Based on customer reviews from Amazon, here are the pros and cons of using the Dyson V7 Motorhead.


  • The manual is easy to read and understand.
  • It has the power of a corded vacuum, but it is lightweight, more portable and quieter.
  • The trigger system allows for a fine control over energy consumption; energy is just used for vacuum time.
  • It is easy to set up and convenient to use.
  • The vacuum cleaner can be docked on the wall, so it consumes less storage space.
  • Changing the attachments is easy; turning it into a handheld takes no time.
  • It can be very effective for pet fur, cars, hardwood floors, concrete and carpets.


  • The battery indicator is virtually useless as it has only one light and says nothing about the charge level remaining.
  • When fully charged, the battery life only lasts up to 6 to 10 minutes for the Super Suction Mode.
  • The plastic wheels of the vacuum on the brush head are not durable enough and may even leave marks on the vinyl plank floors.
  • The head tends to be stuffed with trapped debris, especially larger ones.
  • It takes too long to charge it (about 3.5 hours).
  • There are reports of batteries wearing out after a few months of usage, just after it is out of warranty’s coverage.


Customers are not satisfied enough with the battery life of V7. It is convenient to use, but is this enough to jam-pack the task in the limited time offered by the V7’s battery? The answer is yes. When used with the right accessories and surfaces, V7 can be worthy of its price.

Dyson V8 Absolute Review

The Dyson V8 Absolute, also a cordless vacuum, adopts the V7’s powerful, hassle-free suction and 15 cyclones arranged in a two-tier system. A minimum of 4 hours is needed for the V8 to be fully functional, which can run up to 40 minutes in normal mode.

Just like the V7, it can be converted into a handheld and comes with accessories such as docking station, crevice tool and combination tool. It also allows for multi-surface cleaning and a hygienic bin emptying; however, it has double the brush bar power than the V7.

Perhaps the main difference the Dyson V8 Absolute boasts is its high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that captures allergens and expels cleaner air, powered by the V8 motor that spins up to 110,000 rpm to create this powerful suction.

V8 Absolute measures 8.8 x 9.8 x 49 inches and weighs 5.75 pounds. Based on customer reviews from Amazon, some of the nice features provided by the Dyson V8 Absolute include.


  • The manual is easy to read and understand.
  • The normal mode is strong enough for general cleaning. Considering Absolute vs Motorhead, Absolute is truly stronger.
  • Like V7, it has the power of a corded vacuum, but it is lightweight, more portable and quieter.
  • Energy is just used for vacuum time, not for trigger system.
  • The vacuum cleaner can be docked on the wall, so it consumes less storage space.
  • Changing the attachments is easy; turning it into a handheld takes no time. The vacuum is easy to set up.
  • With its new soft roller cleaner head, larger debris are more capable of being removed.
  • It is easier to monitor the battery level with 3 bars reflecting it.


  • Most of the units do not really last up to 1.5 years. Battery life gets shorter even at full charge and may even come to 30 to 60 seconds only for a maximum setting.
  • The cordless vacuum only runs for about 7 minutes in maximum power.
  • The canister for the dirt bin seems too hard to open.
  • The use of plastic may be for its lightweight design, but it negatively affects the durability.
  • It may be too pricey (about $600) for a vacuum cleaner – not the best price for a vacuum cleaner.
  • It takes too long to charge it (4 hours), but the battery life is still too short and can only clean a maximum of 1 room on average.


Consumers are generally convinced with the amazing suction skills of the improved Dyson cordless vacuum. It is no wonder, though, as it doubles the already considerable strength of the V7 Motorhead and adds a HEPA filter for more squeaky-clean surfaces.

The main problem, however, is still the same dilemma most cordless vacuum models face: battery power. Customers do not find it worth it to charge the battery for 5 hours, just to get the desired result. The Dyson V8 has not justified that $600 is the best price for a battery life too short.

Verdict: Dyson V7 vs V8

Both cleaners offer powerful suction, but it is undeniable that in the battle Absolute vs Motorhead, the former offers superior cleaning. Double the power and you divide the effort to make your floor, carpet and furniture unblemished and sparkly.

Both offer great convenience in terms of ergonomics and applicability, with a lot of accessories for versatility. So, Dyson V7 vs V8, which should you choose?

Sure, V8 offers suction upgrades, but V7 is already good enough for its own dirt intake capabilities. Not to mention the price, V7 really takes it down a notch by as much as $200 for almost the same hygienic results you aim for.

V7 might have some setbacks, but don’t all products have these? The Motorhead makes it up with its amazing results at the best price you can spend your money on.

The next time you step out and buy something, think about what you really need and how much you are willing to spend for it. In Absolute vs Motorhead, pick Motorhead and get what is necessary for $200 less.

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