Shark Light Navigator Review

After literally overflowing hundreds of reviews and consumer reports for several vacuum devices, we finally bought a bullet and bought the NV105.

The shark does not do itself any good with the intricate name / numbering system for its vacuum, which is a shame, because it can prevent people from buying a big vacuum.

  • That’s easy, very. He maneuvers quite easily. He also pulls himself forward – be prepared when you first turn it on.
  • I regret that I did not take the photo before and after my carpet. It sounds damp, I know. Our carpeting is only a few years old. I did not realize how much “life” was lost. This small vacuum worth 99 dollars pulled out more dirt and dust, even wiped the furniture grooves that we thought were permanent, and made the carpet look and feel completely new; All with two quick passes through the territory. Seriously, there was no evacuation of OCD.
  • It is easy to snap each other for a “quick start”. The manual has a section “quick start”.
  • I read complaints about the fact that the dust collector is too small. All I can offer is: 1) If you want a light vacuum, a small key. This is a compromise. Vacuum cleaners are not magical. 2) Emptying the container is incredibly easy and fast, so I have to confuse my head in confusion as to why this is a problem. 3) In addition, he is not a little tiny.
  • He has a smaller width of the head, but: it does not take practically no storage space. It has such good absorption that even if you quickly evacuate, which is easy, because it is so light, you will still be cleaning the same area better than most vacuum cleaners in the same time.
  • The vacuum control has a through window so you can see the bar. This is more “plus” than you could automatically consider, especially if you have long hair. Hair will be tangled around any bar. Vacuum cleaners are not magical. Please do not blame the vacuum in this. Being able to see when it was time to quickly cut off the hair was more useful than I thought.

“Another common complaint I’ve read is that” the vacuum is too easy to end, and when you try to use tools attached to a hose, it’s very annoying.”

Well, I can not disagree with the fact that he easily manages. It is a VERY light vacuum. For my needs, this was not a problem.

I can hold one hand on top of a vacuum or clean the vacuum against something, if I pull at all on the hose. It is much more important for me to have a vacuum that is easy enough for me to use it regularly. This is a compromise. The one I’m happy to do.

  • The button to go to hard floor is easily accessible, like the power button.
    I’m sorry that I sounded like a commercial.

The tools on my particular vacuum can be a little difficult to turn on and off. Hoping that they relaxed a bit.To summarize, this is a vacuum worth 99 dollars, which makes me feel like I’m using a vacuum of 200-200 dollars. It’s so light and easy to use that I often evacuate. We are satisfied with the customers.


Over the years, I bought MANY vacuum cleaners, and this light weight from Shark is my favorite all the time. It has a large absorption;

The beater bar can be turned off so you can clean the bare floors; applications are in the very vacuum; the cord is very long; and, most importantly, it is very LIGHT!

I clean the house for life, and this little machine is perfect for my needs! The dirt canister is a decent size, and you can detach the handle to reach a high (for a web, etc.).

Like I said, I spent more money than I remember trying to buy vacuum cleaners, and now that I’ve found this, I will never buy any other type. I recommend it!

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