TOP-3 washing machines in 2019

Today, a washing machine is an indispensable device in each apartment. It saves not only your time, but also water and even electricity.

When choosing a car, buyers first of all pay attention to its dimensions, the number of programs, the class of washing and energy consumption. In order not to get lost in the choice, pay attention to the basic parameters.

Bosch WLT 24440BY

Bosch WLT 24440BY

Full-sized, consuming 46 liters per cycle, the Bosch WLT 24440BY is designed so that the laundry is loaded by the owner from the front. The unit attracts with economical parameters: it belongs to the energy consumption level A +++, therefore it “eats” less than 0.17 kWh per scroll. In addition, the washing machine refers to those devices that are squeezed in accordance with the standard: the laundry after washing is almost dry.



  • Quickly squeezes: the machine makes 1200 revolutions per minute.
  • Holds six and a half kilograms of linen: the owner of such a device has the ability to wash not only sweaters and jeans, but also large items, such as down jackets, blankets or curtains.
  • Functionality: the user is given the right to choose the most appropriate program of the 15 proposed.
  • Silent: while erasing – it is not audible, because the volume does not exceed 52 decibel threshold. When squeezes out – it makes noise at 76 decibels, so you will not hear it in the next room.
  • Safe: the washing machine is equipped with a function that locks the door, so the child will not turn on and open the device.

The disadvantage of this unit is only that it is not suitable for cramped spaces.

LG FH-096ND3

LG FH-096ND3

The classic “appearance” of LG FH-096ND3 makes it fit the interior of any room. In addition, the device will save space: the washing machine belongs to the class of narrow ones, therefore its dimensions compared to other options are compact.

What is good option:

  • Frontal unit saves not only space, but also electricity, consuming only 1.02 kilowatt per hour.
  • Squeezes out at a thousand revolutions per minute: things from the machine “go out” a little wet and dry up a maximum in an hour.
  • Holds six pounds: wash heavy things – no problem.
  • Choose a temperature suitable for specific fabrics in the range of 30-95 degrees.
  • Use 13 modes, choosing suitable for fabric. The device can wash children’s clothes, intensively wash grease stains. In addition, the user gets the opportunity not to sort things by selecting the option for blended fabrics.
  • The machine has completed the cycle – the owner learns about this through a beep.
  • The option designed to protect the fabric from creasing will facilitate subsequent work with the iron.
  • Doors and control unit are blocked: the child will not start the device.
  • Silently erases: the volume threshold does not exceed 56 dB, gently squeezes out – 74 decibel volume level does not interfere with listening to music through the speakers.

The flaws of the washing machine include a large water consumption – 56 liters. However, it is possible to reduce this figure, using the fast-paced mode, scrolling things for half an hour.



The INDESIT E2SE 2150 W loads five kilograms of clothes at a time, while she spends 52 liters for scrolling. The washing machine’s lining has a standard design, so the unit “does not hurt the eyes” either in the bathroom or in the kitchen.


  • Saves space: the washing machine belongs to a variety of narrow ones, therefore it is suitable even for small premises.
  • Squeezes, making 1000 scrolls per minute, so water does not drip from things.
  • It consumes less kilowatt per scroll, so it saves energy.
  • In addition to the 16 installed programs, the owner can choose the appropriate temperature in the range of 20-90 degrees.
  • The self-cleaning function with which the device is equipped will add points to the durability of the unit: scale is removed without user intervention.
  • The function intended for additional rinsing will not leave a trace of powder.
  • The owner has the opportunity to postpone the start of operation of the unit for a certain time, which adds operating comfort.


despite the advantages this option has, C-spin spoils the picture: the washed things dry slowly.

Let’s sum up

The buyer appreciates such parameters as noiselessness, reliability and reasonable price in washing machines. More demanding customers pay attention to washing machines with a large number of washing modes and advanced functionality, such as drying or control via a smartphone.

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