What are the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors?

This natural coating for a long time keeps a beautiful view, if you perform quality care. Harmful for him is considered frequent washing, especially if the floor is oily or waxy. But after all cleaning is also required, because the mirror surface is noticeable dust and pollution. That’s why you need a vacuum cleaner for parquet. Nuances of choice All consumers know that the price of the device for cleaning is determined by the power and functionality. If you can not buy the device, you can buy attachments to the vacuum cleaner for parquet. And if the funds allow, it is desirable to choose a device with the function of wet cleaning.

Nuances of choice best vacuum cleaners hardwood floors

When choosing a device, you need to pay attention to the nozzles. Their surface, touching the floor, should be made of soft materials, because of which there will be no scratches: felt; pile; camel’s wool; microfiber; silicone; rubber. No less important are the remaining structural elements of the device. Brushes and rotary parts must be made of special materials or be silicone fuses, which will not cause damage to the floor.

Types of devices

In shops you can find different vacuum cleaners for parquet. The following are suitable for parquet: conventional dry-cleaning machines; cleaning devices; compact and manoeuvrable robots-vacuum cleaners. Each of these devices has its pros and cons, as well as features of the work. They should be considered when choosing.

For dry cleaning

The main advantage of such devices is the affordable price. And from lacks allocate inability to smooth, susceptible to damage surfaces. Brushes and swivel parts leave scratches that will be visible on the mirror surface of the floor. To do this, you need to purchase special nozzles or soft fuses that leave no traces. Do not choose an expensive vacuum cleaner for parquet, which has many functions, especially if the housing is small. Often, such a technique is large enough, so it takes a lot of storage space. You should also choose the nozzles carefully. Moving furniture during cleaning spoils the parquet, so you need to clean all the corners of the rooms without permutation. To do this, you need to complete the vacuum cleaner with flat, triangular, rotating nozzles.

For wet cleaning

Washing vacuum cleaner for parquet is an ideal option, because with it it will be possible to perform high-quality cleaning. Such devices are quite expensive. You can choose an inexpensive vacuum cleaner for parquet, but as you can see from practice, such devices flow, which adversely affects the material. Moreover, the liquid coming from the reservoir can penetrate between the elements of the parquet, and this causes damage and deformation. A remarkable choice will be separator devices, which apart from wet cleaning can perform other functions. With them there is not only careful cleaning of the parquet from dust and pollution, but also ionization and humidification of air in the room. With such a device, after cleaning, almost no dust remains, which is important for allergy sufferers. The advantages of separator devices include the presence of a brush with a felt roller for rubbing the floor. With such cleaning, the parquet will shine without polishing.

The best brands for vacuums

The leading companies for the sale of vacuum cleaners are: German company Bork. She produces vacuum cleaners in large quantities. The range includes products for home and industrial use. The second devices have excellent reliability, simple disassembly and a long service life. German manufacturer Thomas. The company produces many devices. They have a low noise level and reliability of component parts. The company “Karcher”. It produces harvesting equipment that has excellent performance properties. In the range there are devices with a rich set of equipment. The instruments are designed for long-term use.


That vacuum cleaners for a parquet and a laminate served long, behind them necessary correct leaving. After using conventional vacuum cleaners, you need to clean the bag or garbage can, since dust mites or spores of fungi can accumulate in them. Especially since a crowded container lowers the power of the device, it has a bad effect on cleaning. It is necessary to clean the filters. undefined You should read the instructions that come with the vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning. Typically, it indicates the standard actions to be taken before work: Pour clean water into the reservoir. Add detergent. One part of the tube, through which the liquid passes, must be fixed on the spray nozzle, and the second – on the telescopic tube. Secure the necessary nozzle. Connect the tube to the hose. Connect the hose to the device. Connect the vacuum cleaner to the mains. If detergents are shampoos or other foamy substances, add a defoamer to the dirty water tank. After cleaning, the hoses and nozzles must be removed and rinsed. It is necessary to clean the tank with dirty water, carefully wash it. All components must be dried. If there are filters, they need to be removed, washed, dried, so that they do not form fungi or mold.


Among a large range of vacuum cleaners for parquet, you will certainly find that device that can perform high-quality house cleaning. Optionally, it should be an expensive multifunctional device, you can only purchase attachments and fuses to the usual apparatus. And if you invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner, then with proper operation and maintenance it will last a very long time.

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